1. Shift-connector®, the interactive shift book, all information detailing the current operation is available transparently in real time. Important knowledge is permanently preserved and is quickly and securely accessible at all times.

2.A wide range of companies from chemical and pharmaceutical groups, manufacturing and production lines through to automotive suppliers, are benefiting from eschbach software solutions.

3.Easy Communication with shift notes, tasks and directives

4.Flexible Configuration with customized forms and open interfaces

5.Auditable Documentation of the entire shift operation

6.360°- overview of all events and changes

7.All information known is captured, stored and auditable

8.Efficient shift handover

9.Customizable forms for each operation with XDC


Important advantages for operational Shift roles

Schichtpersonal     Shift Personnel   :

  • Easy recording of events, system data and faults
  • Shift and routine tasks are clearly presented
  • All previous shift information available at a glance
Schichtleitung   Shift Supervisor  :
  • 360°- overview of all new and updated information since logging off
  • Electronically signed and verified shift handovers
  • Simple organization of tasks with live tracking of process status
Prozessingenieure  Process Engineers  : 
  • Direct analysis of shift data and figures
  • Simple real time analysis of the plant performance and efficiency (OEE)
  • Issue instructions to shift personnel and request sign off
Betriebsleitung  Management   :
  • Overview of selected criteria, e.g. Safety, Quality and Productivity
  • Improved efficiency in daily reporting and meetings
  • Email reporting based on pre–defined categories
Instandhaltung  Maintenance  :
  • Seamless exchange of PM orders and status with shift teams
  • Integrated calendar for Preventive Maintenance
  • Simple organization of stand-alone maintenance
  • Clear task list creation and set up access for external suppliers or contractors
  • Interface to maintenance systems such as SAP® PM, IBM Maximo EAM or Infor® EAM

Qualitätssicherung   Quality Assurance :


  • Live quality reports and shift variations at a glance
  • Information and comparison of shift operations for evaluation
  • CAPA: Control operations with direct instructions for shift personnel
  • Interface to CAQ systems or LIMS