MAsoft is a company specialized in computer applications for the industry. Our objective is to offer a practical and effective solution to the problems that our customers pose, when integrating a computer system within an industrial solution. The computer applications that are offered respond to the particular needs of each client. MAsoft advises and looks for the solution that best suits the needs of each one.

MAsoft also offers veneer programs with the aim of providing a service within the boiler sector. MAsoft has developed solutions for developing standard boiler parts and boiler folding developments. MAsoft works with the objective of giving a complete solution of sheet, both in cut and deformation and thus be able to offer the best service to its customers at the right price.

Whatever your company needs, MAsoft will advise you on the different IT solutions that can improve your production system or make your product more attractive to the market. Currently, it offers computer solutions to control different types of machines, such as punching machines, laser, markers, drills, etc., through the PC.

MAsoft is a computer consultant whose goal is to help you carry out your project. Our work, part of a previous analysis, continues with a development and ends in a start-up. MAsoft is committed to meeting the deadlines and quality requirements offered.

MAsoft has developed different projects for companies in the sector related to CAD / CAM>. These solutions have been made especially within the drawing tool called AutoCad. We also offer custom solutions at the 3D level.



MACUT is a 2D CAD / CAM system specially designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines (oxy-cut, plasma, laser, water jet). In a few clicks you are able to generate efficient programs for your machine, while optimizing material utilization and machine run time.

CAD/CAM Import, Conversion, and Part Development 

  • Import and automatic conversion of *.dxf, *.dwg file formats.
  • Import and automatic assignment of CAD layer(s)/color/quality information for cutting process.
  • Clean-up of CAD file layers, profiles and entities.
  • Automatic entity reduction and smoothing produced from polyline, and spline entities.
  • Import and automatic assignment of Materials properties (quantity, material, thickness, etc.) from CAD drawing.
  • Cut direction and sequencing are automatically assigned on import plus tool-paths are generated on-the-fly.
  • Automatic assignment of in/out style (arc, linear, line-arc) and size on import.
  • Ability to import and separate multiple parts from a CAD drawing.


Cad Module 

Allows to design and save easily the part. Having those different options for this:

  • Add: Line, arc and polyline entities.
  • Move and copy/paste entities.
  • Ability to create circular, rectangular and triangular holes and position them in single, linear, circular and matrix form.
  • Ability to create rounds and chamfers.



Entity reduction and smoothing configuration.

– Lead in/out position and style.

– Rounding and looping option.

– Hole and part path sequencing based on a variety of strategies.

– Kerf, microjoint, common cut and bridge option.

– Remnant management.



Manual and automatic nesting with great flexibility and maximum performance.

The perfect combination of automatic and semi-automatic nesting along with powerful manual nesting functions like: copying, moving, rotating, etc.

Edit lead in/out position and style before and/or after parts are nested.

Part interference detection.

MACut automatic nesting optimizes to the maximum the arrangement of parts on the sheet.


NC and Report

Animated cutting sequence simulation.

– NC file generation.

– OF report generation


Add-On Module: HVAC Package 

Cylinders, Cones, Prisms, Angles, Hoppers, Transformers, Tee Peeces, Intersections, Spirals, Globes and Flat Pieces groups.


Add-On Module:Cost Estimation Package 

Allows budget the costs.